Celebrate the Darkest Time Of Year!

Celebrate the Darkest Time Of Year!

This year we’re celebrating Winter Solstice on 21st December! We believe the darkest time of year, with the least daylight hours, is an important time for many of us as we begin to gather together to spend time with family and friends in the warmth of our homes! I love being able to get cosy on my couch and relax in front of the fire, what about you?

With this in mind, we also need to be thoughtful of those who are not as fortunate as us and are dealing with very dark times. We all know we have a homeless crisis in Ireland and many people are not able to enjoy this time of year, they are on the bitterly cold streets or stuck in crappy temporary accommodation with no loved ones around them and without any home comforts.

So, I have decided that VIVID Love For Life will give help to those who need it most; to contribute as best we can to this crisis.

One step we’ve taken is to partner with an amazing Jewellery Brand called Kind Karma. They are a social enterprise that employs at-risk and transitioning homeless youth in Toronto, Canada to handcraft quality jewellery. In addition to receiving fair hourly wages, all employees receive proceeds from sales to help them towards their personal goals; proceeds from sales fund goals such as post-secondary education, stable housing and professional development courses to name a few.

VIVID's new jewellery

Another step we’re taking is to assist our Irish homeless, we will donate €2 of every sale we make from Kind Karma Jewellery to Feed Our Homeless Organisation.

Feed Our Homeless aims to support those most marginalised in Irish society, those who have lost their voice through homelessness and to assist them through their journey back into independent living.

Their mission is to adopt a person-centred approach with community reinforcement through support, motivation, empowerment and belief. They provide a hands-on support directly to their service users. As well, they advocate for housing, education and policy change.

Homeless man on the street

Feed Our Homeless understands that homelessness affects REAL PEOPLE with REAL LIVES, they believe nobody should be left behind.

So, here at VIVID Love For Life we are aiming to bring some much needed Comfort and Light to those who have the Darkest Times to contend with Everyday. If you wish to help us with our contributions, you can buy Kind Karma Jewellery in our Shop in Thomastown or Shop Online, just click Here

Thank You,


Creative Director

VIVID Love For Life

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